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Terms and Conditions

School of Turkish | 2021-08-22

These terms and conditions form the agreement between School of Turkish and the student. It is the responsibility of the student to read and agree to all terms and conditions set out in this document prior to enrolment onto a course and paying the relevant fees. It is assumed that by enrolling onto a course and paying the associated fees the student understands and accepts the terms and conditions in their entirety

1. All classes take place online via online platform Zoom. 

2. Courses are to be paid for in full based on the prices on the School of Turkish website, schoolofturkish.com, regardless of when a student joins or leaves a course. If a student joins a course after it has started or leaves before it has ended or misses lessons for any reason the student is not entitled to any refund (including partial refunds) nor are they entitled to transfer missed hours to any other course or the same course in another term. School of Turkish cannot accept any responsibility for unforeseen changes in students’ circumstances which may result in a student missing lessons. School of Turkish will, however, accept requests for withdrawal from a course before the course has commenced. In which case, the request must be made in writing and a cancellation fee amounting to 20% of the course fee will apply.

3. In the unlikely event of an insufficient number of students being enrolled onto a course or any other unforeseen circumstance School of Turkish reserves the right to cancel a course. If such an event was to arise students would be entitled to a full refund or given the possibility of attending another class within the same level.

4. The education language is Turkish but English is often used for beginner levels. 

5. Whilst the intention for all courses is that one teacher will be assigned to run the whole term, substitute teachers may occasionally run the class. School of Turkish reserves the right to change a teacher during a course if it is deemed necessary for any reason whatsoever.

6. Although students will be strongly advised to join tests throughout the term participation in the tests is not compulsory. Teachers will use test results and class performance during the course to advise whether or not students should progress from one level to another (e.g. A1 to A2). Teachers may suggest that a student should repeat a course if they consider that the student has not mastered the course content. School of Turkish advises all students to join the tests during the term to assess their own progress.

7. School of Turkish will not, under any circumstances, tolerate inappropriate/abusive behaviour and/or offensive language towards staff and/or other students. In the event that a student is found to be behaving inappropriately and/or abusively towards staff and/or other students School of Turkish reserves the right to withdraw any student from a course. In such a case the student will be required to pay any outstanding fees owing and will not be eligible for a refund of any kind.

8. Group classes are only open to learners aged 18 and over.

9. When you join an online class using your email address, the online service adds you to a directory of users that share the same online class. Your directory data (name and email address) may be visible to other students. When you join WhatsApp groups your phone number will be visible to other students. If you do not wish for any of these details to be seen by other students please let your teacher know this (ideally before the course starts) and they will find another way to send you the relevant materials. 

10. At the end of each course students with attendance of greater than 50% will be eligible to receive a participation certificate. Please note that as there are no formal exams at School of Turkish this certificate is to be used as proof of your attendance and level only. If you require a certificate for formal recognition of your level you will have to seek this elsewhere (we do not run exams for this purpose). Participation certificates must be requested and are not routinely provided.

11. All study material produced by School of Turkish is copyright and is for the exclusive use of purchasers of our courses. Unless express prior permission is granted by School of Turkish, you may not lend, give out, hire out, sell or transmit any part of the study material. You must take care of your study material to make sure it is not used or copied by anyone else. Legal action could be taken if these terms are infringed. These conditions remain in force after you have finished using the study material.


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