About Us

Who we are

School of Turkish is an online institution established in London, United Kingdom with the aim of introducing the Turkish language and culture to those enthusiastic about Turkey and all things Turkish. With this aim in mind, School of Turkish organises Turkish language courses and workshops on Turkish culture. It offers the opportunity to obtain the practice and information that students need, with language courses taught at different levels and for different purposes.



Our Students Say

Fun and tailored learning! I really enjoy my Turkish lessons with School of Turkish. I've made great progress since I started the lessons and the way the teacher tailors the learning to my needs has helped me improve my Turkish quickly.


Fiona Policy Adviser

I am proficient in a number of languages and have studied with quite a few teachers and language schools. My Turkish language studies count amongst the most effective and most enjoyable of these experiences. My teacher has not only been excellent but also paid attention to my particular strengths and weaknesses and made sure that my studies have been enjoyable and interesting. Highly recommended.


Andrea Economist

My learning experience with my Turkish language teacher has been both very rewarding and very enjoyable. In gradual increments over the last two years I have increased my capabilities in Turkish such that I hope in the near future to visit Turkey and be able to hold reasonable conversations. The course is not easy and demands continual efforts, because Turkish is no easy language to acquire for the English speaker. However, under the tutelage of my teacher I have been able to acquire both a wide range of grammatical constructions and a significant vocabulary. The focus is not only on reading, writing and speaking, but also the cultural context of the Turkish language, historical and contemporary. I thoroughly recommend my teacher and the course taught, for the skills with which I have been provided in Turkish, as well as the enjoyment I have had whilst learning it.


Neil Professor at Cambridge University

KΓΌbra's private lessons were enjoyable and well structured, they gave me confidence to speak to my family in law. I learned a lot about Turkish traditions during our classes. I would certainly recommend KΓΌbra's lessons to anyone who is looking to improve the Turkish language skills but also is interested to learn more about the culture.


Natalia Banking Professional