Courses (January - March 2024)

School of Turkish

Courses (January - March 2024)

School of Turkish | 2023-07-19

The academic calendar for the upcoming spring term has been released and registration is set to commence at the end of November 2023. Take advantage of the early bird discount, available for a limited time only.

Please click here for the calendar.

We would like to inform you that we have revised our course plan to ensure it is easier for our students to follow. Now, each level has been divided into two parts, if you wish to continue, you can register again for the second part, which is also 10 weeks long.

Free Practice Sessions

Practice sessions will be held outside the course, the week immediately after the 10th week, i.e. in the 11th week. Since these sessions will be held at the same time as the regular lesson time, we expect more people will be able to attend. There will be a two-hour practice session after the first part of the course and another two-hour session after the second part.

Early Bird Discount

Registration will open on 27th November 2023. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount off the course fee if you complete your registration by 10th December 2023.

Please visit the course page for your level to find out the details.


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